What is the Accountability Pod?

The Accountability Pod is a highly structured setting that provides those inmates who are located there with an opportunity to decide what they need to do to stay out of jail. The Accountability Pod is not a segregation unit but everything in the unit is done according to a clearly defined schedule.


Who is the Accountability Pod for?

The Accountability Pod is for inmates who come to jail and are at a high risk to commit more crimes after release because a number of reasons that include but are not limited to: lack of education, drug or alcohol dependency; lack of work skills, a criminal lifestyle, poor social and communication skills. The Accountability Pod is also for those inmates who do nothing to address the reasons why they are in jail. These inmates do not comply with their Individual Service Plan and fail programs or just don’t do anything while they are in Jail.


How long do inmates have to stay in the Accountability Pod?

The Accountability Pod has a minimum stay of approximately 30 days but how long you actually stay depends upon you. In other words, it depends upon how long it takes you to get the message that we are serious about helping you to succeed in your life without coming to jail.


How can inmates avoid going to the Accountability Pod?

Inmates can avoid being assigned to the Accountability Pod by complying with their Individual Service Plan. In other words, do what you say you are going to do.


Accountability Pod Vision

To promote greater public and institutional safety as well as efficient inmate management the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department & Correctional Center targets high-risk inmates deemed high-risk for criminal recidivism and continued of criminal behavior. This screening identifies the criminogenic risk or need that inmate’s need to address to assist in preventing a return to a criminal life style and jail. Criminogenic means, “crime producing."

Charge: The Accountability Pod goal is to reinforce full accountability of inmate behavior and a willingness to accept responsibility. The Hampden County Sheriff’s Department is putting high-risk inmates on notice to attend programs identified on their Individual Service Plan Contract. Each inmate must sign an Individual Service Plan Contract agreeing to participate in programs that target the criminogenic risk factors. Criminogenic means, “crime producing."

Challenge: To convey to high-risk inmates identification and awareness of their criminogenic risk and need factors and encourage inmates to attend programs in order to change maladaptive behaviors into positive productive ones.

Choice: Complete the Accountability Pod by following the program structure, participating in programs and demonstrating positive behavior. When an inmate completes an Accountability Pod they must re-sign their Individual Service Plan Contract agreeing to participate in programs that target criminogenic risk or need areas that i nclude, but are not limited to the e following:

Accountability Pod Benefits:


Accountability Pod Expectations

The Accountability Pod is a highly structured environment designed to refocus inmates to become more productive individuals, family members and citizens. The Accountability Pod is based on a behavior modification system and inmates lose “points” for poor non-compliance of the basic requirement maintaining appropriate behavior and participating in programs . Inmates that lose more points than allowed may face weekend restrictions and continued stay in the Accountability Pod.


Accountability Pod Entry Criteria

The reason inmates are classified to the Accountability Pod include, but not limited to the following:


Accountability Pod Exit Classification Criteria

Inmates must maintain enough point for approximately 30 days then sign their Individual Service Plan Contract agreeing to participate in the targeted programs/services before exiting the Accountability Pod.